Android Application Security Testing

Before Starting Android Application Security Testing we should know about Mobile Application Platform and their packages. Mobile Platform Mobile Application packages A platform like Blackberry, windows are also moved to Android. So, here our main focus on Android Application security testing. Basic Info. of Android Platform Co-founder and former of Android:- Andy RubinFirst android release … Continue reading Android Application Security Testing

Web Services & its Attacks

›› Client-Server application: It is a client server application or application component for communication. ›› Method of communication: Its method of communication between two devices over the network. ›› Protocol for exchanging information between two applications. Why do we need Web services? Exposing the existing function on to the network.connecting different Applications I.e. Interoperabilitystandardized protocolLow … Continue reading Web Services & its Attacks

Information Security

Maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Sensitive information is only disclosed to authorized parties  CIA TRIAD 3 Pillars of Information Security Confidentiality:- sensitive information is only disclosed to authorized partiesIntegrity:- prevent unauthorized modification of data.Availability:-guarantee the data can be accessed authorized parties when requested Many of us know what CIA is, but if someone ask you about DAD. ? D- DisclosureA- … Continue reading Information Security